The fault injection platform

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Pystol will always be 100% OpenSource.

Improving resiliency

We help improving system's resiliency.

Cloud Native

Created in the cloud, for the cloud.

About Pystol

The Fault injection platform

Pystol was created to demonstrate the correlation between the execution of a fault injection action and the change in the Kubernetes based cluster behavior.

Improving system's resiliency

As long as we test our production environments we can improve their resiliency, in a simple definition, the ability to absorb disturbances.

Its also defined as the capacity of the infrastructure, communities and their related systems to mitigate, adapt, or positively respond to chronic and acute stresses, transforming in ways that restore, maintain and even improve their essential functions.

Everything fails, all the time
Werner Vogels - CTO - Amazon

How can fault injection tests help developers and companies?

The first question is, why should a developer or a company consider using Pystol?

Implementing a strategy based on testing systems in Production we will improve its resiliency.

This would require a “chaosification” of the platform in a controlled manner, which could consist of actions of the following type: killing random pods in the cluster, evacuating nodes, injecting latency in the applications and many other tests.

Thanks to this platform and its strategy, a deeper visibility of the consequences of different kind of infrastructure or application issues can be achieved with the intention of improving defenses. This, in the long run, is the basis of a more mature and reliable system, capable of recovering from attacks and reducing losses in the face of a serious security incident, something that should be mandatory for any high availability service.

Use cases

Pystol works in several escenarios.

Production testing

Run Pystol in your Production systems with safety and control of everything.

The edge

Testing real time systems in the edge with Pystol allows to determine wether if cloud platforms are resilient enough to handle different types of errors.

Hybrid cloud

We can run Pystol in any Kubernetes based cluster.